kimI am Kim. I am every woman, a wife, mother & entrepreneur. I was born & raised in Texas. My mother was a single parent with 3 daughters. She taught me at an early age to stand on my own & work hard to obtain my goals. She always had a “back up” plan. Being the youngest of three girls I always had a very special bond with my mom. I understood that although I was the youngest I was always looked at as the leader. The problem solver, the one that will break the mode. The one to step outside the box, to do the things that seem impossible to others. I have always had the mentality of “ Tell me what I can’t do & I will show you what I will do “. I always felt like I couldn't depend on anyone because of life experiences at a young age.
I was always told I was  a natural born fighter, not easily broken. I have been through many things in my life & I have emerged victorious. I don’t easily give up. Through my process I have always been an advocate for the underdog. The ones others count out. The ones sometimes overlooked.

my girls
My desire is to help others, especially women , find their inner strength & their voice. I knew I had to first believe I could overcome anything.  Bold, Confident & Beautiful in my skin. My goal is to help women to realize they don't have to fall victim to their past, they can change their circumstances by first changing what they believe about themselves. To expect more, because you deserve more. Not to settle for mediocrity. To shed the layers....No more Sheets...

I am a nurse by trade, but I got involved in the MLM industry when I discovered this industry had created more wealth than any other, when I realized  my profession paid well  BUT I didn't own it & the travel industry was ideal. People travel all around the world. It is an 8 trillion dollar a year industry, the largest in the world. In the next 90-120 days I will introduce over 5000 people to this project. I am looking for people who are sick & tired of being sick & tired. Ready for a change.  So you have to ask yourself would you rather be at the beginning of this movement or the end?  By connecting with me you will gain access to an income you never could have imagined, and you will impact more lives as well. Im looking forward to working with you personally to become a successful entrepreneur.  CLICK HERE!